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The meatformeurope.eu website was created within “The Taste of Quality and Tradition Directly from Europe” information and promotion campaign dedicated to fresh, chilled and frozen beef and pork and beef and pork food products and preparations, all originating in the European Union. The aim of the information measures is enhancing and promoting knowledge on the quality and taste of European beef, pork and their products. The website was created especially with trader professionals in mind as well as all those who appreciate European meat and charcuterie that bear the hallmark of high quality and are based on traditional methods of production enhanced by the most innovative solutions.

This website will keep you up-to-date and better informed about:

  • The traditions that European meat and charcuterie producers cultivate and cherish;
  • The exceptionally high quality of European beef and pork;
  • The European standards for meat production and food products;
  • The European meat industry;
  • The trade cooperation opportunities in the scope of beef and pork based products from Europe (including the formal requirements concerning European meat imports);
  • “The Taste of Quality and Tradition Directly from Europe” Programme.


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