Farm to fork

The European Union's policy on food safety covers all stages of production. European manufacturers have been working on the idea of "Farm to Table" for years. In the case of cattle and pig farming, this means that it is possible to trace the rearing and slaughtering conditions of the individual animal - such as the farm, the origin of the feed, possible diseases, the place and date of slaughter. This information is collected and stored thanks to the EU system of animal labelling (e.g. ear tags), which ensures the supervision of animal production in EU countries. Similarly, it is possible to trace the production and the origin of meat and meat preparations. Thanks to this integrated approach, the whole route of pork, beef and meat preparations is monitored in the European Union and consumers are provided with accurate information on the origin of the products they consume.

Within the framework of the European Green Deal, the “from farm to fork” strategy precisely defines the directions and objectives to be achieved, which shape the agri-food sector in the European Union. Thanks to the “from farm to fork” idea, it is possible to achieve environmental, health and social benefits, which contributes to sustainable development of the European Union.

The key objectives of the “new” strategy influencing the development of the agri-food sector include:

  • allocating a quarter of the land for organic farming,
  • reducing the use of chemical pesticides by half,
  • 50% reduction in sales of antibiotics for animal breeding,
  • 20% reduction in fertilizer use.

Under the new rules, the breeder, processor, intermediary and even the exporter have to comply with the new rules on environmental protection and reduction of resource use. The European Commission is introducing a zero tolerance strategy, resulting in a 100% guarantee that products imported from the European Union are consistent with the manufacturer’s declaration and are produced in line with animal welfare and environmental protection standards.

The idea of the "Farm to Table"

The entire production chain of high quality beef, pork and beef preparations is subject to EU food law and regular official controls. The idea of the "Farm to Table" slogan assumes the joint responsibility of producers, processors and distributors for food placed on the market.