Representatives of American and Canadian media on a study visit to Poland

Representatives of American and Canadian media on a study visit to Poland

According to Eurostat estimates, European Union beef exports to third countries increased by 3% to 491,000 tonnes in 2020.  Pork exports, on the other hand, increased by as much as 19% to 5.4 million tonnes, maintaining the EU’s leading position in red meat exports worldwide[1]. Despite the turbulent situation on international markets, supply chain outages and COVID-19 outbreaks in many facilities, the European meat industry managed not only to increase production but also to intensify trade with the US and Canada. To raise awareness among US consumers of the high quality and taste of European meat, in 2020 the Union of Meat Industry Producers and Employers has launched a two-year information and promotion campaign on the US and Canadian markets entitled “Meat of European quality”. As part of the campaign, a study visit of American and Canadian trade media to Poland will take place from 7 – 11 November 2021.

The main objective of the study visit is to increase the interest of the representatives of the American market in European meat products and to bring closer the process of breeding, production, quality certificates used, as well as the history, experience and traditions of the EU meat sector. The meat industry in the European Union, including Poland, has a rich tradition and the products made are valued throughout the world. European meat production is of high quality and constitutes an excellent example of an industry in the European Union.

In order to give the journalists from overseas a better idea of the entire production process, during their stay several visits were planned to key meat processing plants in Poland, which maintain trade relations with the USA and Canada. The visitors will get a first-hand look at how meat and meat products are produced in EU countries. They will have a unique opportunity to experience the high quality and taste of European cold cuts and sausages. What’s more, they will taste exquisite European dishes based on locally produced meat prepared by excellent Polish chefs.


An important element of the visit is also the planned meetings with representatives of European producers and representatives of EU and Polish authorities. US media representatives will have the opportunity to conduct interviews and establish relationships with meat producers and exporters from Europe. They will learn more about the strict standards for breeding, production, storage and proper transport.

These types of visits are extremely important, as they allow for building relationships and strengthening contacts, which can be beneficial for both parties in the future and result in the long term co-operation. It is also an excellent opportunity to understand each other’s markets and learn about their specific characteristics, and to exchange experiences.



Many thanks to the editors of industry magazines/portals: Good Food Revolution (Canada), Canadian Hog Journal, Hrimag (Canada), Globe, The National Post (USA), Knapsack News  (USA),Refrigerated & Frozen Foods (USA), ProFood World (USA), Winsight Grocery Business (USA), who accepted our invitation and allowed their journalists to participate in a study visit to Poland as part of the information and promotion campaign “Meat of European quality”.

We can’t wait!

Watch for coverage of the visit on the campaign website and social media channels.

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