About the campaign

„Meat with European quality”

Welcome to the website of the informational and promotional campaign “Meat with European quality”, devoted to European pork, beef and meat products.

We are pleased to present to you information on the foundations of the European meat industry, which has allowed its participants to gain the status of a trusted supplier of high-quality meat and delicious cold meats.

Meat - About the campaign

Discover the advantages of European meat and processed meat with us!

The two-year campaign, launched on 1st May 2020 continues 2018-2020 campaign and concerning the promotion of chilled or frozen pork and beef and meat products based on these meats, is addressed to the markets of the United States and Canada . The informational and promotional program "Meat with European quality" is implemented by the Union of Producers and Employers of Meat Industry (UPEMI) with financial support from the European Union.

The main objective of the campaign is to provide information on the quality and taste qualities of European pork, beef and their products, resulting from the specific production requirements defined both at the level of EU law and food quality management systems. Moreover it is to highlight European history, tradition and experience in meat production as well as processing, drawing attention to the high production standards with a set of strict legal regulations in order to guarantee the safety of food products.

The campaign message is directed toward two key target groups:

  • Professionals: importers, wholesalers, distributors, import organizations, butchers, representatives of the HoReCa sector (hoteliers and restaurateurs).
  • Opinion Leaders: journalists, chefs, representatives of meat industry organizations, representatives of retail chains.

About the campaign

The following aspects will be highlighted in the campaign:

  • strong foundations for pig and cattle farming in Europe with a particular focus on animal welfare;
  • prohibition on the use of antibiotics, hormones and growth promoters in animal nutrition;
  • high standards of safety and quality of production of European meat and processed meat;
  • full traceability of production from "field to table";
  • good hygiene practices and strict regulations of European food law;
  • many years of tradition and experience of the European meat industry.

Outline of planned activities as part of the second year of the campaign; schedule of events.

The second year of the campaign will be packed with economic missions, seminars, workshops, face-to-face B2B meetings, and trade fairs. These cumulative events are a consequence of the suspension of some activities due to the prevailing global pandemic conditions and their postponement until the following year. We hope to be able to implement all of them as planned.

By the end of April 2022, besides regular activities such as running the website and SM channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube), as well as issuing press releases and producing films, the following events* have been planned:


*Visualisation adapted to the planned events. In case of inability to carry out the events, the deadlines will be subject to change

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